At Central Ohio Farmers, we value our relationship with our customers and patrons. We are committed to providing a competitive market and want to be the destination for your grain.  COFC can provide grain marketing strategies and risk management advice . Let us help you make your business a financial success.

This facility located near Fredricktown, has state-of-the-art receiving capacity and has 1.3 million bushels of storage.  In addition to buying cash grain, we also provide various other options for contracting your grain, including: forward price, hedge to arrive, and basis and minimum price. If you would like to sell or contract grain please the COFC grain department at (800) 282-6708.


Mike Smith, Superintendent

19325 Zolman Rd

Fredericktown, OH 43019

(740) 251-9577

Fax (740) 392-2871